Thermionics Metal Processing, Inc. (TMPI)
14 Mar
Precision cleaning removes contaminants such as particles, fibers, oils, and greases, resulting in a surface so clean it must be validated on a microscopic level. Ineffective removal of these contaminants can be costly and have a significant impact on a company’s productivity, profitability and reputation. TMPI understands the importance of providing quality cleaning services. We recognize that each industry and every component have its own unique requirements. The proper cleaning solution will be based on a combination of factors including: ‣The material composition and configuration of the hardware/components ‣The level and composition of the contamination that is present ‣The level of cleanliness that is required by the customer As such, we test and certify all materials prior to the cleaning process. Our cleaning methodologies are comprised of two core elements. The first element involves cleaning the surface using specific precision cleaning techniques combined with an approved cleaner in a process that has been validated for the stated purpose. The second element involves testing and verification that the surface is cleaned to the level of precision necessary for it to be safely used in its intended environment. Our degreed scientists test the critical surfaces for residues using a process called Gravimetric Non-Volatile Residue Mass Determination (NVR) Testing. We also quantify and size any remaining particles that are found on the critical surfaces. We have many different Precision Cleaning methods. Read more & request a quote here: Feel free to contact us at with your questions and quote requests. #PrecisionCleaning #TMPI #Thermionics
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