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Media Blasting & Texturizing

Media Blasting & Texturizing

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Dry Ice Blasting removes coatings, biofilms, corrosion, oils, paints and residues that exist on the surface without impact to the surface finish. This process uses soft dry ice that accelerates at supersonic speeds where upon impact will lift the targeted substance off the surface. It is is non-abrasive, nonflammable and is not conductive. Dry Ice Blasting is also environmentally friendly, and has excellent materials compatibility.

We also offer Glass Bead Blasting. This process is silica free and non-toxic and can be referred to ‘crushed glass’. It is more aggressive than Dry Ice Blasting, not only removing the targeted surface material, but will also affects the surface conditioning. This process is optimal for conditions where the contaminant or substance is difficult to remove and may be embedded or entrapped in the surface.

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