Aerospace and Defense​

TMPI SupportsLeading Research and Manufacturing Facilities World-Wide. From Production Fabs toNano Laboratories, Our Staff Understands Your Needs and Works Closely toSupport All Stages Of Your Program.

Process Monitoring:

·      DI Water Monitoring: Conductivity, Ph, Na-Content, & Bacteria Count

·       WastewaterMonitoring: Metals Analysis Using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

·       CleanRoom, Oven Monitoring: Particles, Humidity, Temperature, And Air-Flow

·       ProcessingTanks: Concentration, Accumulation Of Contaminants

·       Monitoring,Ph and Conductivity Measurement, UltraSonic Intensity

·       CleanlinessMonitoring: Al, SST, And Ceramic Coupons

Typical Cleanliness:

·      Volatile Residues (Outgassing): < 50 Ng/Cm^2Typical : 3ng/Cm^2

·       Non-VolatileResidue: < 1milligram/M^2 : 0.1mg/Ft^2

·       Particles:IEST-STD-CC1246D Level 50

More Markets

Some other markets we serve

Scientific Research Laboratories​

The most respected national laboratories use TMPI's services to clean and package their critical parts without fail.

Life Sciences & Medical Device Manufacturers​

We can create custom processes to assure your manufacturing process meets the highest standards.

Aerospace and Defense​

Military & Government clients can assure their stringent requirements are met.
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Founded in 1958, Thermionics provides innovative Ultra-High Vacuum solutions to premier academic, scientific and research institutions around the world. TLI understands each customer’s unique requirements and designs equipment and processes that set new standards of precision and durability.

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